La struttura altamente flessibile di Rimond
si è consolidata nel tempo in una serie di competenze
in grado di aggiungere qualità e affidabilità
mai raggiunte prima nella pratica del lavoro edile.
Abbiamo sviluppato una metodologia di processo,
di gestione e controllo che permette ai nostri tecnici
di conoscere anticipatamente l’insorgere di criticità
e di fornire soluzioni in tempo reale per risolvere
eventuali problematiche con interventi risolutivi.
Collaboriamo con i più rinomati studi di architettura e
con i migliori progettisti al mondo e sviluppiamo progetti
dove ogni singolo aspetto deve essere declinato con
la massima qualità e precisione, i tempi sono contingentati
e le mete ambiziose.
Non lasciamo margini all’errore, e possiamo vantare oggi
il 100% di soddisfazione della clientela su ogni progetto
da noi realizzato e la piena fiducia dei committenti
sui progetti in corso.


We evaluate the consistency and quality of all supplies, prepare and manage complex and detailed contracts that protect our customers and guarantee reliable and long-lasting partnerships materials. We maintain a tight control on all variants during construction and will assess project relevance and influence on the costs within agreed parameters.

Overall Coordination
Technical Design Review
Technical Solutions Consultancy
Structural and MEP Engineering Coordination
Construction Engineering Coordination
Legal and Permits Management

The Building Design Management, which was developed to meet the growing need for integration between the design and construction processes, and to the increasing overlap between the various disciplines in this area, requires new professionals able to combine a broad knowledge all the aspects involved.
the BDM is particularly interesting today whenever you have to deal with complex projects, or when the time for the realization of the works becomes a determining factor.

Rimond has a cutting-edge experience thanks to a structure made up of professionals with a cross-aware of all the components involved, and that is very useful to customers and architects from the earliest design stages.

Project Planning
Project Budgeting
Cost Control
Value Engineering
Tender Strategy
Risk Management
Project Monitoring

We coordinate and manage firsthand all the stages necessary to the realization of each project.

Thanks to our ability to create reliable networks of collaborators and to select the best suppliers for each specific work, we ensure that the entire development and construction process is always conducted under our strict management, at the highest levels of quality and strictly with the times delivery and within budget. Preventiviamo and organize the progress of work with millimeter precision, thus minimizing the ongoing works project variables and measuring daily the compliance of construction works with those set out implementation plans.

Construction Planning and Control Time Management
Construction Supervision
Construction Budgeting
Procurement Consultancy
Open Book Accounting
Cost Management
Cost Supervision
Quality Control
Health and Safety Management

We nurture a deep pride in taking responsibility for all phases of construction processes. Planning, coordination and control of a project are only possible thanks to a deep knowledge of the peculiarities of specific sites for each building sector. Residential, industrial, service, services, environment etc. each requires a thorough understanding and detailed.

We Rimond study thoroughly and plan the timing of construction and design sites that guarantee the maximum safety of workers and to the emergence of new needs we specialize in providing alternative solutions in real time.

Building Information Modeling
Parametric Design
Computational Analysis
Industrial CAM Modeling and 3D Printing
Digital Design Management Environments
BIM Advanced Facility Management
Building Industry Consultancy
Facade Engineering and Simulation
Material Computation
Building Physics

We RIMOND we believe there is no true BIM beyond a change of responsibilities and relationships within the entire construction process.

We have developed our own methodology and a highly personalized interpretation of the Building Information Modeling (BIM), with the construction workflow and custom tools tailored to each individual intervention, which allow us to know in advance the issues related to each project and prevent all factors of unknown and unexpected. This ability allows us to provide accurate budget to guaranteed costs that remain unchanged from prior to delivery to the client.

Our team of professionals uses BIM to control all relations with stakeholders and to assure the seamless integration with the coordination model.

They are therefore not only "software experts" but also "process experts" are able to understand, manage and different instances converge.

The combination of RIMOND and Cloud Design BIM models are born today used to deliver and to better control the whole process of management. 

This system achieves maximum efficiency due to accurate BIM Workflow, we have developed specifically for both our organization and for external customers or partnerships with other engineering structures or realization.

Feasibility Studies
Strategic Infrastructure
Real Estate Consultancy
Due Diligence
Asset Valuation
High and Best Use (H&BU)
Building Retrofit
Project Financing Technical Advice
Private-Public Partnership Technical Advice

We are particularly fascinated by projects involving a major transformation of the territory. Our team is highly skilled in the development of the basic structures necessary for the development of communities.

mobility projects, transport infrastructure, hospitals, networks, renewable energies. We have the best specialists in each sector with a proven ability in listening to and meet the expectations of all parties involved in a major project, the customer needs, the demands of the institutions, the needs and the needs of local communities, through the knowledge of all building and environmental regulations.

The growing demand for public works and created and managed services in a cost, quality, environmental and social sustainability and the need to redevelop urban areas and industrial post has led us to develop new professional skills able to develop partnerships of public and private structures in the different forms of public-private partnership. These include: project financing, concessions, joint ventures, real estate leasing, the Integrated Plans of Action and program agreements

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