The distinguishing characteristics of RIMOND hospitality and wellness facilities include the high quality of service and the use of innovate on-site solutions. In Italy, new hotels are frequently constructed in historical urban areas, subject to landscape and environmental restrictions and constrained by strict regulations protecting the existing cultural heritage. We provide highly technical and specialized expertise, as well as first-hand knowledge of the complex and, often arcane, legislation involved. Only by precisely balancing between these different constraints can we obtain the authorized documentation and permits that allow us to eliminate downtime on-site, minimize subsequent modifications and ensure the coordination needed throughout construction.

Location: Venezia – Palazzo Venart (previously Palazzo Bacchini delle Palme)
Client: LDC Italian Hotels
Value: 5.500.000 €
Architect: RIMOND S.r.l. and Tony Marincola & Partners
Scope of Work: Building Design, Project and Construction Management
Schedule: Mat 2014 – November 2015
Status: Under Construction

Location: Rome – Valle dei Casali
Client: LDC Italian Hotels
Value: 20.000.000 €
Architect: RIMOND
Scope of Work: Planning and Architecture
Schedule: May 2014
Status: Under Construction

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