Global Events
Major events and temporary exhibitions of international renown are perfect construction showcases for demonstrating RIMOND skills at their best. These are ambitious projects requiring cutting-edge architectural solutions, use of new technologies, coordination with suppliers from the four corners of the globe and especially planning compressed timelines to meet mandatory delivery deadlines. All are parameters that demand enormous experience, extraordinary organizational skills and continuous control of every stage of the work process. In these international venues, there is no margin for delays, the contractual obligations leave no time for normal construction schedules and the entire staff is constantly engaged in a race against time. The pressure is enormous. As each issue arises, only a flexible and highly qualified organization with appropriate human and mechanical resources specialized in every level of construction can implement realtime solutions. In this arena, under intense scrutiny, the staff must demonstrate not just technical competence but the creative ability to find immediate and viable alternatives that allow construction to continue non-stop without incrementing costs for the customer. Over the past year, we were involved in not one, but three ambitious projects for Milan EXPO 2015.

Location: Milan – EXPO 2015
Client: National Media Council of U.A.E.
Value: 18.500.000 €
Architect: Foster +Partners
Scope of Work: Building Design Management, Building Information Modeling and Construction Management
Schedule: July 2014 – April 2015
Status: Completed

Location: Milan – EXPO 2015
Client: United Nations
Value: 2.700.000 €
Architect: RIMOND – Toni Marincola & Partners
Scope of Work: Building Design Management, Engineering, Project and Construction Management
Schedule: December 2014 – April 2015
Status: Completed

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