Italian Convention Center “The Cloud” – Main Auditorium

Location: Rome - EUR
Client: Devoto Arredamenti s.p.a.
Value: 4.000.000 €
Architect: Studio Fuksas
Scope of Work: Constructive Design, BIM Management for Geometry Optimization, Verification, Assembly and CAM production
Schedule: September 2013 - July 2015
Status: Under Construction

Rome's new convention center is already widely-known as “The Cloud” due to the complex geometry of its voluminous textile envelope and surrounding glass box.  The textile cloud encapsulates the “wooden jewel”, the dual-curved structure containing the complex's main Auditorium.

The geometry of the 7,200 unique panels that form the double-curved envelope hosting the Auditorium has been analyzed, optimized, managed and ultimately fabricated thanks to the use of an advanced BIM-based workflow.  Managing a custom-built model involved writing 40 ad-hoc procedures inside the geometry software providing, among other features: deformation analysis, custom tessellation routines, code compliance verification, automatic generation of constructive parts with detailed information on connectivity, dynamic verification of interference and clearance with point cloud mapping of existing structure, extraction of geometry for pointing, data processing for orders and delivery control, through automated custom naming of all individual parts.

The principal model was developed and subsequently divided into specific, integrated sub-components: from design, renderings, engineering evaluation of constructive solutions to the final CNC fabrication of every part of the wooden panels and steel substructure. The unique and reliable reference model that our complex and unique BIM Workflow created set a new standard and example of the innovation RIMOND's team of specialists can offer clients and general contractors in coordinating and managing their many interests and issues.
In this case, reliability and joint liability extended throughout the actual fabrication of the panels and steel substructure, where a direct File-to-Factory relationship with the pertinent subcontractors ensured the conformity of the final delivered and installed structure.

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