Who we are

New concepts, methods and technologies are completely revolutionizing  traditional methods of project planning, design and construction.

Implementing these changes to achieve the promise of higher quality standards, shorter turnaround times and lower costs requires totally rethinking "Design and Construction Management" today.

RIMOND is an exceptionally capable partner in this area.  We bring innovative tools and precision to the design, construction and acquisition of buildings, particularly in complex projects where attention to each individual aspect of the process is critical to achieving the brilliant results our clients expect.

In this rapidly evolving context, we are confident in our ability to satisfy architects' ambitions, developers' needs for sustainability and clients' profitability by ensuring excellence throughout each project.

At RIMOND, we are breaking ground for tomorrow.

Our Vision & Strategy

We have a simple but ambitious vision:
To become your most reliable global partner, applying the latest innovations in the construction process to simultaneously stimulate your growth and that of the communities in which we operate.

Our strategy defines research and innovation in operational methodologies as the main focus of our efforts.

With our combination of enhanced BIM applications and alliances with major research centers around the world, we have quickly become a trustworthy partner for investors, realtors and communities, guaranteeing the highest standards of construction while significantly reducing costs.

With our global experience, RIMOND has developed and refined the skills needed to understand and respect local cultures and adapt our expertise and the latest know-how to every endeavor.

RIMOND Quality Policy (IT)

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