RIMOND's exceptional ability to adapt has allowed us to bring a massive collection of skills and competencies to an unprecedented level in the field of construction.  We have developed our own procedural, management and evaluation methodology that enables our technicians to pre-empt the emergence of problems, take decisive action and execute solutions in real-time.

We collaborate with the most renowned architects and designers in the world and develop projects where every single aspect is defined by ambition, quality and clockwork operational precision.  We leave no room for error and we can now boast 100% customer satisfaction on every project we have completed and the full confidence of our customers on current projects.


We choose only attested partners with proven experience for each specific project. We evaluate the consistency and quality of all deliveries, we prepare and manage complex and detailed contracts that protect our customers and ensure reliable materials and long-lasting partnerships. We maintain tight control over all variants in the process and we evaluate the relevance of each change in procedure and its influence on the agreed-upon cost parameters.

Overall Coordination
Technical Design Review
Technical Solutions Consultancy
Structural and MEP Engineering Coordination
Construction Engineering Coordination
Legal and Permits Management

Developed to meet the growing need to integrate design and construction processes, as well as the frequent overlaps between the various disciplines in the sector, Building Design Management requires new professionals with a broad knowledge of these interconnected features.

Currently, BDM is particularly applicable when dealing with complex projects or when construction time constraints become a crucial factor.

RIMOND's pioneering experiences in coordinating every phase of construction allows our team of professionals to contribute useful insights to customers and architects from the earliest stages of the design process.

Project Planning
Project Budgeting
Cost Control
Value Engineering
Tender Strategy
Risk Management
Project Monitoring

We coordinate and manage firsthand all the necessary steps of a project through to completion.

Our ability to establish stable networks with collaborators and to identify the best specialist for any given need guarantees that the whole development and construction process always takes place under our direct supervision, ensuring the highest levels of quality and strict compliance with delivery times and approved budgets.
We calculate and organize the workflow with millimetric precision, thus minimizing the variables during construction, even as, day after day, we measure on-site compliance of the agreed-upon construction plan.



Construction Planning and Control Time Management
Construction Supervision
Construction Budgeting
Procurement Consultancy
Open Book Accounting
Cost Management
Cost Supervision
Quality Control
Health and Safety Management

We take deep pride in assuming responsibility for all phases of the construction process.  Planning, coordination and project verification are only possible thanks to a vast knowledge of the peculiarities of specific sites for each building sector. Residential, industrial, tertiary services, environmental and other sectors each require thorough and detailed expertise.

At RIMOND, we painstakingly study and plan the project schedule and we design sites that maximize worker safety and, in the event of new complications, we specialize in providing alternative solutions in real time.






Building Information Modeling
Parametric Design
Computational Analysis
Industrial CAM Modeling and 3D Printing
Digital Design Management Environments
BIM Advanced Facility Management
Building Industry Consultancy
Facade Engineering and Simulation
Material Computation
Building Physics

At RIMOND, we believe that true BIM cannot be achieved without upgrading
responsibilities and relationships across the entire construction process.

We have developed our own methodology and a highly personalized interpretation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) where customized workflows and tools tailored to each operation allow us to foresee potential risks in individual projects and pre-empt unknown and unexpected problems.

This capability allows us to set accurate budgets and guarantee that client costs remain unchanged from the first estimate to delivery.

RIMOND professionals use BIM to control all dealings with stakeholders and ensure seamless integration with the coordination model. Thus they are not just  "software” experts but also "process experts" that can understand, manage and bring together different needs.

The combination of RIMOND and BIM Cloud Design today has introduced the best possible models to deliver and control the whole management process.

This system achieves maximum efficiency thanks to the BIM Workflow we developed specifically for our structure and for external customers or partnerships with other design or construction teams.

Feasibility Studies
Strategic Infrastructure
Real Estate Consultancy
Due Diligence
Asset Valuation
High and Best Use (H&BU)
Building Retrofit
Project Financing Technical Advice
Private-Public Partnership Technical Advice

We are particularly attracted to projects involving major transformations of the urban environment. Our team is highly qualified in designing the underlying systems required to develop communities: mobility projects, transport infrastructure, hospitals, networks, renewable energy. We have engaged the most competent specialists in each sector, particularly those with a proven ability to listen to, unify and meet the expectations of all parties involved in a major project, including client needs, institutional demands, the desires and needs of local communities, through knowledge of all building and environmental codes.

The growing demand for public works and services, sustainably produced and managed in terms of environmental and social responsibility, cost and quality, as well as the need to redevelop urban and post-industrial zoning, has led us to develop new professional relationships in different forms of public-private partnerships. These include: project financing, concessions, joint ventures, leasing, real estate, Integrated Action Plans and planning agreements.

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