RIMOND's exceptional ability to adapt has allowed us to bring a massive collection of skills and competencies to an unprecedented level in the field of construction.  We have developed our own procedural, management and evaluation methodology that enables our technicians to pre-empt the emergence of problems, take decisive action and execute solutions in real-time.

We collaborate with the most renowned architects and designers in the world and develop projects where every single aspect is defined by ambition, quality and clockwork operational precision.  We leave no room for error and we can now boast 100% customer satisfaction on every project we have completed and the full confidence of our customers on current projects.


We take deep pride in assuming responsibility for all phases of the construction process.  Planning, coordination and project verification are only possible thanks to a vast knowledge of the peculiarities of specific sites for each building sector. Residential, industrial, tertiary services, environmental and other sectors each require thorough and detailed expertise.


- Design + Build Contracts
- Lean Construction
- Fast-Track Construction
- EPC / Turnkey Contracts
- EPCM Contracts
- Mass Customized Fabrication


We are capable of addressing our clients’ diverse requirements across a wide range of sectors and locations. We observe possibilities and develop approaches to contract, design and construction management, that provide our clients with appropriate and effective solutions. We increase outcome confidence, reduce risks and assure quality, based on our deep understanding of the field and international experience.


- Programme and Project Management
- Construction Management
- Integrated Design Management
- Contract Management
- Time and Cost Control
- Strategic Procurement and Contract Advice
- Site Supervision
- LEED Facilitation
- Cost Control management
- Quality Control and testing
- Safety Management
- Risk Management


We combine our engineering know-how and technical expertise with extensive architectural design capabilities to help build iconic buildings around the world, taking a holistic approach to design, engineering and construction, optimizing processes and providing efficiency gains and cost savings to our clients, while reducing energy consumption and respecting the most strict deadlines.


- Architecture
- Structural Engineering
- Building Services (MEP) Engineering
- Construction and Fabrication Design
- Value Engineering
- Sustainable Design (LEED, BREEAM)


Our expertise in BIM and Integrated Project Delivery helps our clients improve decision making and optimise the performance of built assets throughout their lifecycle. We successfully implement the capabilities of machine automation, cloud computing and Big data to deliver outstanding results from planning and design to construction and handover.


- BIM and Data Management Services
- Integrated Project Delivery
- Design Coordination & Clash Detection
- Performance Driven Parametric Design
- 5D Modelling/3D Printing & Modelling
- BIM-based Construction Analysis


We are focused on establishing a deep understanding of your objectives in order to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to address both the immediate and long-term challenges over the full life cycle of your project and deliver practical, creative and sustainable solutions.


- Due Diligence
- Real Estate Investment Advisory
- Built Asset Digital Management
- Returns on Assets Analysis & Peer Review
- Integrated Facility Management
- Risk Assessment

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